Officer Biographies

Newsletter Manager Bob Marchese

Bob Marchese was first introduced to wood turning and lathes in a college industrial arts class and made math teaching aids. Soon after, he was given a very old tabletop Craftsman lathe. Spindle turning was the only style he attempted for many years, making all sorts of tables and chairs.

With the purchase of an early version of a Carbatec mini lathe in 1998, he turned pens, pencils, many other small objects and parts for Nantucket Baskets. With a moveable extension and a long workbench he was able to make bed posts, umbrella poles, coat stands, floor lamps, and music stands.

After retiring in 2002, Bob purchased a 1440 Delta lathe and a scroll chuck and began making bowls. He has recently experimented with stacked segmented bowls and small hollow ornaments.

Bob has been a member of the Applevalley Woodturners ca. 2007 and the Honolulu Woodturners ca. 2000. His working career includes the US Army, carpenter, math teacher, computer programmer/analyst, specialist positions and manager.

Officers for 2017

Title Name Contact
President Bruce Robbins
1st Vice President Bill King
2nd Vice President Georgia Wood
Treasurer Cody Walker
Secretary John Anderson
Resource Manager Chuck Bajnai
Membership Manager Dan Luttrell
Newsletter Manager Bob Marchese
Information Manager Stan VanDruff

More Key Volunteers

Title Name Contact
Audio-Video Chair Barbara Dill
Forsale Team Bob M & Stan V
Social Media Chair Charlie Hamilton
Turning Comp. Chair Jim O’Hanlon