Upcoming Events


Demo in progress

A demonstration is a prime part of every meeting. These monthly demos most often showcase the skills of one of our own members, but on some occasions we invite nationally-known turners to spice things up a bit.

February 15, The Jig is Up—Join us for a look at some popular jigs to facilitate your turning.

March 15, Segmented Turning—Explore this fascinating world with Bob Silkensen, Terry Moore, and Bill King.


We will hold four turning challenges in 2018. Each challenge will coincide with a monthly meeting. Entries will be (usually) judged by lottery, and winners will receive a gift certificate and be immortalized in the Richmond Woodturners newsletter!


March 15, 2018—Something made of 3 or more species of wood.


June 21, 2018—Functional utensil that is not a bowl.


September 14, 2018—Hollow form.


December 20, 2018—Shop tool.


March 21, 2019—Jigs.

Special Events

Richmond Woodcraft Turning Competition

April 19–21—Judging and display will take place on the 21st, but entries must be delivered to the Richmond Woodcraft by April 19th. Details on the competition page.