The library is available at monthly meetings, one month limit per item. Scroll down for information on how to use the library.


Title Author
500 Wood Bowls
Lathe-turned Objects AAW American Woodturner Journals:
  • Summer 2005 Vol 20, No.2
  • Winter 2005 Vol 20, No.4
  • Fall 2004 Vol 19, No.2
  • Spring 2004 Vol 19, No.1
Lathes and Turning Techniques Fine Woodworking
Pens from the Lathe Dick Sing
Turning Bowls Richard Raffan
Turning Boxes Richard Raffan
Turning for Furniture Ernie Conover
Turning Projects Richard Raffan
Turning Wood Richard Raffan
Woodturner's Workbook, The Ray Key


Title Author
AAW American Woodturning 1986–1992 Vols. 1–8 AAW
AAW American Woodturning 1994–2001 Vols. 6–16 AAW
Bowl Basics: A Workshop with Mike Mahoney Mike Mahoney
Bowl Turning Del Stubbs
Bowl Turning Lyle Jamieson
Cindy Drozda Club Demo Cindy Drozda
Dyeing/Staining Acrylics Vols. 1 & 2 Irene Graffer
Easy-core Coring System & the Wolverine Jig
Hollow Forms Lyle Jamieson
Mike Mahoney on the McNaughton Center Saver Mike Mahoney
Patination Pyrography Irene Grafer
Richmond Woodturners Presents Matt Brichfield Matt Brichfield
Richmond Woodturners Presents Tom Crabb Tom Crabb
Skew Chisel Allen Batty
Skew Chisel, The Alan Lacer
Thread Chasing Allen Batty
Tips & Tricks Lyle Jamieson
Tony Cortese Carving Tony Cortese
Turning Boxes Richard Raffan
Turning Pens, Video 1 Kip & Rex
Turning Pens, Video 2 Kip & Rex
Turning Projects Richard Raffan
Turning Wood Richard Raffan
Woodturning with Steve Russell Steve Russell

How to use the library

The library is on a rolling cart available only at the meetings. Come a little early to browse for something you want. Grab the checkout book and sign your name, the title of your book or video, and the date on the next available space. That’s all there is to it!

At the next meeting, return whatever you checked out. You check it in by scratching out your name from the checkout book. It is a simple honor system. But if you lose anything, we expect you to pay for it. Contact the for more information.

Meeting Handouts

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