Officer Biographies

President Steve Kellner

Steve Kellner is a recently retired PhD Chemical Engineer and a long-time hobbyist woodworker and furniture maker. He began woodturning in 2016 and has been expanding his skills over the ensuing years.

Steve joined the club in 2017 and attended nearly all meetings. Now that he is retired and has plenty of time, he decided to become more involved with the club; he did not expect to start at the top, but says he is willing and able, and expect lots of help from everyone in the club! This is a difficult time for the club without the ability to meet in person, but Steve will work with the Board to make our Zoom meetings as interesting as we can. Hopefully, we will be able to meet in person again sometime this year.

Officers for 2024

Title Name Contact
President Steve Kellner
Vice President Ron Bishop
Treasurer Cody Walker
Secretary Chuck Horton

Directors for 2024

Title Name Contact
Activities Director John Daniel
Information Director Neal Stublen
Membership Director Chuck Bajnai
Newsletter Editor Larry Yancey
Audio-Video Director Jared Parker
Resource Director Vacant

More Key Volunteers

Title Name Contact
AAW Women in Turning Liaison Meg Turner